Saturday 23 May 2015

5 Benefits to know about #Truecaller

5 Benefits to know about  #Truecaller

Truecaller is transforming the phonebook to make it more intelligent and useful. Its main purposes is to help protect your phone number and let you have control of your information that is connected with your number. The 5 Benefits of Truecaller are: 
  1. Automatically Block Out Top Spammers or Maintain Personal Spam List For Harassing Numbers- If a Truecaller user in India blocks a number that same number will be flagged as spam if a user in New York gets a call from that specific number. If it gets flagged enough times by Truecaller users, it will end up on the Top Spammer List and automatically blocked for all 100 million users.    
  2. Verified Badge - When a user sets up their Truecaller profile with their true name, if Truecaller's intelligent technology agrees with the name, the user will be rewarded with a Verified Badge that is shown on their profile when they call, or with reverse number lookup. This alerts other users that the name shown is a real name. This will increase the trust that 'you are who you say you are.'    
  3. Truemessenger - Everyone has experienced a texting mistake, or even been victim to auto-correct. Being able to undo messages has been available in email and social media, which makes it relevant in today’s way of communicating. In Truemessenger, you can easily identify who you are texting with, so of course it is important to cover all aspects of communication by adding an undo send option for your texts.                                 
4. Trace the Mobile Number - Identifying a number has never been so fast, and   easy. Android users now can be browsing anywhere on their phone, copy a phone number, and Truecaller will instantly try to identify the number and give easy access to calling or texting.                                                                                        

5. Truedialer - Truedialer’s newest feature on Android will serve as your new personal assistant by allowing you to switch on an indicator to let other Truedialer users know that you are unavailable to take a call. The app will be able to sync with your calendar to lessen the effort on your side for when to put on the red light. But what if you are on a call already? Well, Truedialer can also indicate that too, or if you have decided to put your phone on silent. Your friends, family, and services can then choose to be notified when you are available again, or to send you a message.


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